• Kate Tyshchenko

You are doing it wrong: recycling 101.

Even though recycling is very common and accessible today, so many of us are still confused as to what should go into Blue Bins, Green Bins and what should go into waste.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a recycling bin and thinking - where do I put teabags, styrofoam, coffee pods and do I put them into a bag first or do I just throw them loose in there?

Did you know that dirty pizza boxes if thrown into the Blue Bin can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables? Food contaminated paper (including pizza boxes) should go into the Green Bin!

Not to worry - not many of us studied government's website for hours trying to understand what goes where. We have collected all the frequently asked questions about confusing recycling practices and summarized them into a flyer below.

Please note we were not able to list all the items that go into each bin - we just took those which are most often confused and recycled wrong.


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