• Kate Tyshchenko

The Good Cup Project

Every working day when it got to our lunch break, I observed my colleagues eating their lunchtime snacks. Some would produce a tray of tossed salad while others settled for some heated noodles. However, one common practice I did notice about all these wonderful culinary delights was the fact they used plastic cutlery.

Every working day the forks, spoons and knives made of plastic would be tossed away in the waste bin. More than that I even observed those who made up their lunch meals at home, produce a plastic knife and fork which came in a sealed (plastic) bag - which would then join scores of other plastic cutlery in the trash.

Because these items are so small, it does not make them ideal recyclable products. The financial cost of recycling is too much and landfill sites end up taking the burdening waste. Whilst this sounds no big deal that 20 or so office workers discard plastic cutlery into the waste basket – it does become a very big deal when one factors in an entire city of office workers (like New York or Toronto) all doing this daily ritual.

Travel mugs are very popular and people do seem to be somewhat comfortable carrying them around. But very few - if any - carry travel cutlery sets. I guess it is understandable when you think about it: they can get lost inside a purse, they will take up valuable space and you have to remind yourself to take them when you rush out the door in the morning on your way to work.

But what if there was a travel mug that had a cutlery set concealed inside the vessel? Just think:

· You will not need to remember to take them with you

· They will not fly around your purse

· It can be used at work, school, festivals, picnics or on camping trips

· It will hold five essential cutlery items – including a straw, knife, fork and spoon (as well as the mug itself).

This is how we came up with The Good Cup. It has all its cutlery hidden away inside the walls of the mug. It will help to reduce one’s carbon footprint and seriously limit the amount of plastic you discard. There are 261 working days in a year. Four plastic utensils equates to 1044 plastic items. There are just over three million people working in New York alone today.

The Good Cup is still in the prototype stage, but orders will be taken very soon. If you leave us an email address, we will let you know as soon as The Good Cup becomes available for purchase.


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