• Kate Tyshchenko

Be a good human - get yourself a travel mug

Fact 1. Single-use paper cups are coated with a thin plastic lining to prevent leaks. This makes them very hard to recycle because that plastic isn’t easily removable from the paper. So yes, single-use cups are almost never recycled!

Fact 2. The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year. That's almost 70 cups per person (including newly born babies!)

Fact 3. 70% of the world’s paper comes from diminishing forests. Not from plantations or recycling or another planet or magic unicorns.

Fact 4. If you are a typical American and buy just one cup of coffee a day, you end up producing about 23 lbs of waste a year. Unless of course you bring your own travel mug.

Fact 5. If we were to save all the energy used to produce and dispose single-use paper cups, we would save enough to power a mid-size town like Springfield Massachusetts.

Fact 6. You will save at least 25 trees in 40 years by bringing your own travel mug.

You do not have to wait for the World Environment Day to make the big change. Do the right thing today and say no to single-use paper cups, which will last just minutes and outlive you on this planet.

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